17 October 2013

It's positive!

On August 21st, I came home from professional development at school and my chiropractor appointment.  For whatever reason, I decided to stop at CVS on my way home and pick up a pregnancy test.  I had plans to meet my good friend Cindy at a local hole in the wall for some pizza buffet to decompress after a long day.  I couldn't ignore a feeling about the possibility I was pregnant.  I took a test and to my surprise and excitement, it came back positive!  I knew Jared had to be the first to know, but he was flying that evening.  It was all I could to not spill the beans during dinner.  When Jared finally came home at almost 2am, I was about to jump out of my skin with excitement.  When he went to give me a kiss goodnight, I said, "Give someone else a kiss goodnight, too."  He just looked at me and and I  pointed toward my belly.  The look on his face was priceless.  He said, "Are you sure?"  I told him I had taken a test and it came back positive.  He was just as shocked and excited as I was and fell back on the bed fist pumping and all :)

He wanted us to be sure, so I retested Friday morning and again, it came back positive again.  We were officially going to be parents!

01 April 2013


No words, but definitely good for A LOT of laughs as Kooba crashed into the Shiner box all around the floor of the family room.

Kitteh in a box

One of the best things about the property at our new place is all of the maple trees!  We tried our hand at making maple syrup this year and ended up with almost 3 gallons.  Pancakes anyone?

One of the guest speakers for my classroom this year was Andy Politz.  He was an amazing speaker!  He has climbed Mt Everest about 7 times, was part of the team that found George Mallory's body (he was a climber circa 1925), has been caught in an Avalanche in K2, among many other adventures.  He was great speaking about perseverance (one of our habits of scholarship this year) and telling the students that they could do anything - if they keep trying!

The other great thing about our property is the 300 feet of fenced in garden space!  I have planted over 200 veggie and flower seeds this year and cannot wait to rent a rototiller to get the ground ready for planting.  I hope they all continue to grow and we have some yummy veggies to eat this summer!

Finally, due to some family stuff, I ended up hosting Easter Dinner at the house this year.  It was my first time making a ham.  It didn't taste too bad, but it sure did look pretty :)

26 February 2013

February - winding down

Well, another month that I am happy to say sayonara to in the year 2013.  I thought for sure February couldn't be worse than January.  I was wrong. 

Kooba is growing and being quite the mischievous cat.  It's no wonder that we are constantly ordering toilet paper.  I think this cat has gone through about a case on his own.  This picture was a mild case. 

My grandpa, otherwise known as Papa Charles, has been in the hospital since December.  Things have been a roller coaster for him since then.  Unfortunately with his heart, they couldn't give him much help without compromising something else.  I called and talked to him on Saturday, February 2nd.  He asked me about our roofing job and I told him it was still crummy and that he could have done so much better (he used to be a self-employed roofer).  He told me about the fish that were in the tank at the nursing home he had been moved to (my grandpa was the first person to teach me how and to take me fishing).  It was seriously the perfect conversation.  I can still hear his voice start with, "How ya done, doll?"  and end the conversation with, "You take care and Papa Charles loves you."  The Tuesday following he became unresponsive.  His vitals stayed fairly decent and the doctors could not figure out what was going on.  It was all very strange.  Finally, I got a call that said he was only being given 2-3 days.  I got in the car after school on Monday, February 11th.  I made it half way to Cincinnati when I got the phone call from my aunt saying that he was gone.  My heart shattered.  He was laid to rest on February 16th.  My cousin Cabrina and I wrote eulogies and read him at the funeral service.  I'm still not sure how we made it through.   I don't know if I will ever be able to give up this red carnation.  It doesn't feel real. 
The song, "My Way," by Frank Sinatra was played.  This described my Papa to a tee.

With all of the blahs of winter, I decided to work on "springing" up the mantle while Jared was away.  I don't think I am done yet, but not a bad start for this decorative-challenged girl.  I like the quote in the frame, "No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."  HURRY UP, Spring!!!  I think I was spoiled with ONE "ice day" this year and I know that will be the last.  I am ready for the sunshine to come out and stay out.

I joined my sista Jen for a margarita and mexican feast on Friday for National Margarita Day.  Okay, it just happened to be that day too, I really wanted to hang out with her!  And will you look at the size of that straw?!  This place was not messing around and made some serious drinks.  Yum!

Finally, Jared comes home from his training soon.  We will celebrate 5 years on February 28th.  It doesn't even seem like that long ago I started this blog and we were living half way across the United States. 

02 February 2013

January 2013

Ready for the Holidays in our new home
We rang in 2013 in our new home with many of Jared's family members and several of our friends. We had so much fun that we didn't even get pictures of the night. Bummer! Regardless, the only down fall is the steep, hilly drive when coupled with ice and snow. Luckily only one person went off the edge and was able to safely be pulled out. We also enjoy our rare sightings of deer - can you see them?? We know there are more out there but they choose to not show themselves.

Deer in the woods out our front door

Jackie Taylor (June 2000-January 2013)
Unfortunately on January 21st, we had to put down our dog of 12 years. Jackie Taylor has been a Godsend to our family. She has been a life saver to my mom, ripping her sleeves and licking her face to keep her alert when her sugar gets low, a snack eating buddy to my dad and a comic, energetic relief to me. In the beginning of December, she somehow hurt her paw and then quit using her front leg altogether. We took her to the vet and after several attempts with steroids and antibiotics, she went downhill really fast. We thought for sure that a dog who had been through 2 knee replacements would bounce back, but it was too much for her. There is definitely a void in our hearts that will take a long time to heal.

Finally, we ended the month with lots of snuggles as we battle sore throats and runny noses.

I am going to attempt to find a song that captures each of my months of 2013.  For January, I choose "Every Storm Runs Outta Rain" by Gary Allan

Here is to a better February!

27 July 2012

Moving right along

Tuesday I spent some time helping my parents with their technology woes. I gave my Dad a Nook and I don't know if he is going to be able to put it down long enough to get his "chores" done! But, I am glad he likes it :)Wednesday, I ventured to Cincinnati with my teaching partner, assistant dean and her husband. We went to the Freedom Center to gain inspiration about our Journey to Freedom expedition we do with the sixth grade in the fall. I think we decided to bring back the RagGonNon:

And, this was our inspiration for our final product. How cool are those washboards? I can't wait to get started!

Thursday, my friend Sara and I did half of our morning semi-ritual. I has been waaay to humid in the morning to run or bike, so we opted to go straight to Einstein Brother's for Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee and Everything bagels with garden veggie smears. Yummmm!

23 July 2012

Last month of summer showdown

So in efforts to make the most, I am going to attempt to document my last month of summer. Friday night, I went to see a decent band called Answer 42 with my BFF, Jill. I bought this black nail polish a few weeks ago and LOVE it.

Rockin' the black nail polish
Saturday, I went to a bridal shower of a family member and ended the evening with my other BFF, Abby and some of her family and friends. We saw "Merchant of Venice" in Schiller Park. If you live around Columbus, I highly recommend checking it out. Bring some food and wine and see a free show!
Shakespeare in the Park - Schiller Park
Sunday I did orientation in the nursery at church and then headed to the pool with Jill and her friends.
Monday, I took Panera to my sister in law and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch and were finally able to catch up!
Lunch with my sis-in-law
Whew! Off to meetings tomorrow and then back home to see my parents for a bit!

22 July 2012

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Since my running outlet has taken a complete nosedive thanks to my knee injury in my first half marathon last October, I have come back to the world of blogging as my outlet and sanity saver. If anyone still reads this - bless you. If you have stumbled upon here for the first time, welcome. Last week, I came to the realization that I have exactly one month of summer left before I go back to school for our professional development meetings. Where does summer go? What have I actually done? While I have done a few awesome things, I vowed that I will make this last month count like none other. I will do something everyday - and naps are not counting anymore. I have spent the last 6 months with a conflicted heart and being indecisive. I'm done with that. It's time to make some decisions and take charge of my own life and happiness. You know how they say you are more accountable for your actions? Well, here it is. Hopefully someone will kick my butt if they find me sitting on it.